Friday, 15 June 2018

I Am Not Into Fashion,

as you can see from the pictures of me on our blog,

but I was rather taken with this fashion accessory, a hat,

 has translated the swooping shapes of its recently completed condos beside New York's High Line into a blue and white headwear design, for a "hat-themed" party on the elevated park,

 it was worn during a fashion show at a fundraising event for the hugely popular High Line park, that took place yesterday, 14 June 2018, everyone at the party is required to wear some form of headgear, non-profit Friends of the High Line organised the High Line Party as part of its mission to raise 98 per cent of the annual budget for the park's maintenance, as well as maintaining the public walkway, Friends of the High Line was among those who originally campaigned to transform the once-abandoned freight rail line into the park,

 curving up at the top to form a peak and then swooping down at the back into a point, the hat follows the sinuous forms found across its facades, slender, diagonal perforations puncture the 3D-printed nylon head-wear, mirroring the building's curved metallic window frames, well I have to say I never thought I would be a fashion commentator, but I think this hat with it's unique background looks really neat.

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