Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Do Not Mess With Fish 83

and you thought fish were fun! well the locals at the Goddess Court Chinese Temple, here in Pattaya did not when they started finding numerous dead fish daily, with evidence of attacks on their bodies, a resourceful resident tried and succeeded in catching the strange specimen using a fishing rod and pork for bait, the fish turned out to be around 1 meter in length with 2 fins on its body and 2 on its tail, it had numerous sharp teeth in a long hard snout and weighed approximately 3 kilograms, but they do get big,
there was speculation as to what it was but a local fish shop thought it was a Alligator Fish, found in the state of Florida, America, which is almost correct for Atractosteus spatula, alligator gars are not native to Florida, the range of the alligator gar extends from the Florida Panhandle, through the Gulf Coastal Plain and the Mississippi River Basin extending north to the lower portions of the Ohio and the Missouri River, and ranges southwest through Texas down to Veracruz, Mexico.

although this picture is labeled at 327lbs, it is in fact 'only' 244.5lbs and was not caught in Broken Bow Lake, but in Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas, still it makes a good 'fishy' story.

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