Sunday, 20 December 2009

I Just Received The Bill For Both Motorbikes Insurance,

so it was off to see Jack in his new offices,
which was bad timing as he was in Starbucks,
but the good news was that Thipsuda was there and relived me of the payment,
when I returned home there was a new present by the tree, Diana had made the wrapping to look like a shirt with a collar and bow tie,
then off to Friendship again, despite having a list Diana forgot to buy the beef stock for the chili con carne she was going to make for us in the afternoon, which was just as well as it meant I could drop off a present for her to be wrapped up, this is a view of the wrapping shop opposite Friendship,
in the afternoon a few friends called in, Mark and Anchisa, Mike and Riza,
Mr. Tony,
and Big Jim,
the girls starting a cooking fest,
lots of hot spicy ingredients,
and shrimps,
also the girls were preparing a home made spaghetti bolognese,
meanwhile we had two types of spare ribs, Mark had marinaded and bar-b-qued some whilst Big Jim had cooked some in a delicious sauce,
with Mike's red wine it was cheers from all of us,
Diana and Riza with the spaghetti bolognese,
by now under the Christmas tree it is looking a little crowded,
the girls having a well earned rest,
as was Mr. Tony,
but then it was time to wake up, the carol singers had arrived!
every year we make a donation to the local Filipino community, this year the funds raised are going to help the people in the Philippines that have been affected by the typhoons,
and here we all are, except Riza is in the choir and I am taking the picture!
well I just had to have a sing along,
after a few more songs it was farewell from the choir,
Diana keeps saying 'can I open one, please?'
all to soon it was time for our friends to depart, the choir singing really brought home that Christmas is nearly here, a time for fellowship and good cheer, Merry Christmas!

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