Sunday, 6 December 2009

Just After We returned From The Flower Show Jay And Precil Called Round,

Jay knowing that I like photography had bought his new camera around,
it was a Cannon EOS 450 D,
and very nice it looked to, we talked about the advantages of modern cameras, especially how they can now be programmed to take a series of shots that programs like Photoshop 2 can splice together in a field of photography called HDR (High dynamic range), it is a great looking camera, one day I will have to update trusty Mamiya 645, but as it is still going strong hopefully not for the next few years,
meanwhile Diana is making some room for the new orange tree, and there it is all 120 bahts worth of it, the old tree just did not seem to do much, I guess it was just old,
the old tree gone and the bed ready to go,
Diana also made one of the pots look nicer with some of the 3 for 100 baht orchids we bought,
it looks better in real life!
then the other 3 small ones we bought,
and the expensive one, I hope it lasts until it flowers again next year,
and there goes the last of the old orange tree,
the 2 orchid pots,
Diana also bought this strange looking plant, it looks like 2 different plants have been grafted together,
then it was off to the Friday night market, just near where we park the bike a furnace had been built,
Diana, the furnace just behind her,
the last time I saw some thing like this was in the big temple in Pattaya Tai, where they were casting a bronze Buddha, I guess the same thing will happen here,
then on to the market,
and who should I see? none other than Mr. Tony,
he was looking at the dogs,
then Mick arrived, he had been buying some plants for one of his aquariums,
I then had a quick look around the ones here in the pet section,
the good news was that the guy selling marine fish was still here,
as were the other shops, fish keeping over here seems more popular that the UK,
we were then having a few beers in the bar when Diana called in with her first round of shopping,
then Sai Jai called over to say Hi!,
Diana went over to her stall where Sai Jai showed her the latest creation,
Diana then came back with some food for later,
then it was back to the bikes, preparations were still going on at the two shrines,
on to the soup kitchen for tonight's meal,
and we are ready to go,
or so I thought, one more stop for a top up of snacks,
a large selection to chose from,
frogs legs anyone? I have eaten them many times before, but I have never seen the whole frog as a meal, just the legs,
then home feet up and watch a couple of DVD's,
continuing on our boys own adventure first it was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, great stuff for us with so much happening all of the time, then the latest of the four Indiana films, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull , this time though Indiana is pitied against the Russians in a bid to hold the crystal skull, for me another hugely watchable film, just a slight criticism, the sword fight on the two moving cars was for me way to long, but still highly watchable for us, then time for bed,

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