Sunday, 1 August 2010

I Mentioned That Some Allegedly Ansel Adams Negatives Had Been Found Last Week,

well another contender is now in the frame, I will not go through the whole story again, but Ansel Adams was one of Americas greatest landscape photographers in the 1920/30's, moving on, Rick Norsigian bought some negatives at a garage sale for just £30, but when he had them valued ten years later he was told that their true worth was £128.5million, when he turned them into prints, Mr Norsigian relatives suggested that they resembled Adams’s hence the value of them,

but relatives of a nature photographer called 'Uncle Earl' or 'Pop Laval' have claimed he took the images, Miriam Walton says her uncle Earl Brooks, an amateur photographer who lived in California in the 1920s - the decade experts said the photos were taken - is behind the images, the 87-year-old from Oakland, California, saw the photos in news reports and called in experts to study some of the snaps she owned, specifically that of Jeffrey Pine, a much-photographed tree on top of Sentinel Dome at Yosemite, California, 'I'm looking at the picture that's hanging on my wall and I knew that Ansel Adams didn't take them,' Mrs Walton said, 'I knew my Uncle Earl took them,'

finder Rick Norsigian is already planning to capitalise on his discovery, setting up a website - - to sell prints made from the negatives from $45 for a poster to $7,500 for a darkroom print with a certificate of authenticity, a documentary on his quest to have the negatives authenticated is in the works, as well as a touring exhibition that will debut at Fresno State University in October, now here is the thing if 'Uncle Earl' or 'Pop Laval' did indeed take the pictures does the family have any rights to the copyright of the pictures or can Rick keep all of the money? - lawyers step up to the mark please!

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