Friday, 6 August 2010

Many Years Ago I Remember A Commercial For Castlemaine 4XXX Larger,

the basic premise was that a 6 pack fell into a creek in Australia, up to his waist in water the guy retrieving it asked 'are there any crocodiles in here?' to which his friend replied 'nah' then under his breath said 'sharks ate all the crocodiles!' well I will not get into the debate of should it have been shot/captured/left alone/ but seeing the size of this 22 foot long crocodile perhaps the tag line should have been the other way around? it’s as long as a truck and terrorised locals in a remote Aboriginal community in Australia’s Northern Territory, thankfully attacks on humans are rare, but care should be taken, now the good news, for the locals the one above was shot, for the conservationist there are still two more of the same size out there.

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