Friday, 31 December 2010

We Spent A Quiet Day,

what was going to be a quick ride to Friendship, turned out to be almost an afternoon out, the traffic was so bad, but on to the evening, first drinks at 388 then into a baht bus and off,
Geff and Da were with us as we sped along, to see the Tina show at the Malibu show bar, it is on the corner of Second Road and Soi Post Office,
if you have not seen it before it is a bar where people dress as ladies and mime to records,
we have been there before, but if you want a 'different' night out this is one option you could try,
both men and women take part in the shows,
the tricky bit is in deciding who is who,
is it a man dress as a lady?
or lady dressed as a lady?
or are they all ladies?
or all men?
the show was nonstop,
including belly dancers,
and cabaret singers,
the costumes all looked great,
and where would we be without Elvis?
then it was Tina's turn to take the stage,
and she took it by storm!
then a change of dress,
next a modern hip-hop number,
followed by feathers,
then one of the guys dressed and made up for a comedy routine,
as the evening past the ladies dressed in more and more extravagant costumes,
and danced to a Thai song,
then Tina came back on stage for a couple of numbers,
all of the girls dressed up in working clothes,
doctors, office workers, police, etc,
then a display from Cuba, whilst there we had a bite to eat, a tray of roasted cashew nuts, ham and cheese toasted sandwich for Diana and a club sandwich for myself, both came with a few French fries, plus a couple of orange juices for Diana and more than a couple of vodka soda's for me, all for 1,100 baht, a great night out and for the show thrown in I think good value for money,
by now it was nearly midnight, so outside for the picture,
well I had to have one as well!
the view along Soi Post Office looking towards the sea,
we said goodnight to Jeff and Da then feet up for a few more Tales, The Wrong 'Un sees a foreign business man take a lady to his room even though he has been told by the house detective she is not to be trusted, later he is woken but she is found in his room she is dead, now he needs some real help, after watching another three of four we were off to bed.

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