Thursday, 2 December 2010

We Went To The Tuk Com Center,

I had cracked a DVD and wanted to replace it,
naturally we could not walk past the doughnut stall without making a small purchase! as we were going out for a meal tonight I suggested that Diana could get her nails professionally painted, but the lady on the stall was at lunch, so on to plan B, a surprise for Diana, counting just 24 days to Christmas I had brought some money with me to buy Diana her main Christmas present, so into the gold shop!
but no luck there, the rings were just too big, so on to the next,
just the right sized half baht ring, but no matching earrings, (I had forgotten they come in a set),
so to another gold shop for the matching earrings, success at last a ring and matching earrings!
back past the food stalls,
of course buy some fresh fruit to snack on,
the flowers looked nice,
then strawberries!
by now the lady was back at her booth so on with the nail painting,
start with an under coat of red,
then some green and white, hey presto, strawberries!
Diana wanted to wear her presents for this evening, so no wrapping them up,
then time to go,
an early 'Merry Christmas!' from Diana,
we went to Ali Bar Bar for an Indian meal,
'Cheers!' from me as we finish our poppadoms,
then the starters, prawn puri,
wine for me and a vanilla milk shake for Diana,
then the main courses, chicken jalfraizee, some chicken on a hot plate and rice with peas,
oh dear another glass of wine,
but this is the same one, really!
then home in the Secrets taxi, a closer look at Diana's nails, 130 baht, if you are interested in having your other half's done,
they look good enough to eat!
keeping an Indian flavour to the evening I showed Diana some of my travels in a DVD I filmed and produced a few years ago, at one point we see a puri being made at a roadside cafe, if you want to look at some of the stills from it look here, if you put your cursor over some of the pictures you will see an little bit more about some of them, next Murder on the Links, Poirot and Hastings are in Deauville, and Poirot is approached by business-man Paul Renaud concerning threats by Chileans, the next morning the maid finds Madame Renaud bound and gagged and her husband's corpse is later found on a nearby golf course, Poirot's detective skills are put on the line when he agrees that he must shave off his moustache if he fails to solve the case before the police, who wins? in the next post you will see that we then watched an episode of Only Fools and Horses,
I just had to put this picture on the blog, John who lives over here knowing I love trains sent it to me, I do not know where it was taken, but I guess this is what happens when some one throws the switch to early, then off to bed.

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