Friday, 11 February 2011

We Are Off Fishing Today,

so first stop some bait, I am never ceased to be amazed by the amount of stock this fishing tackle shop has,
it is in Thepprisit Road opposite the aquarium shop,
the view looking towards Sumkivitt Road,
so we called round to Nick and Maureen's, but as we were there Nick called me over to look at this moth,
it is I think the Oleander Hawk Moth, Deilephila nerii(Linnaeus, 1758) is primarily associated with the southern Mediterranean region, North Africa and the Middle East to Afghanistan and along the Mediterranean, there is no clear distinction between resident and migrant populations, it's extra-limital range goes from Afghanistan eastward to south-east Asia and the Philippines; as a migrant, it penetrates northwards into central Europe and central southern Asia, in Africa it occurs at least as far south as southern Cameroon, strangely enough it sometimes visits UK shores,
the bananas are coming on a treat,
soon we were at Ponmar fishing park, off of Soi Numb Plan Wan, on the other side of the road of Uncle Sam's about 300 meters nearer to Sumkivitt,
first things first, ice cream for Diana!
then the first of the day,
followed by the second,
and third!
it was one of those strange days, although sitting next to each other and using the same bait, Nick had no luck at all - a complete reversal of the last time we were here, so as we got ready to leave Diana had a go but with unfortunately no luck,
then one of the fishing parks little helpers brought our catch back to us after being weighed as we paid the bill,
then a lovely meal prepared by Maureen, roast pork followed by cheese and biscuits, ice cream for Diana, we then settled down to put the world to rights also watch a little of a new series, the name off which I have completely forgotten, but it is a comedy about an American guy that is transferred to India to manage a call center, not sure if I will watch it again, but this was the first episode so perhaps like a good wine or cheese it will mature with age! next for us home and off to bed.


Mike said...

I believe the program you saw was "Outsourced" and is on the "Universal" cable channel, I saw a bit and turned it over to something lese. Not my kind of program.

Anonymous said...

Stan the show is called Outsourced. I've been enjoying it for a while now.
Mike in South Korea

PattayaStan said...

Dear Mike and Mike in South Korea, many thanks for the info, as soon as I read your replies it came to me in a flash, but when I was typing the blog my mind went totally blank - so no change there then! best regards, Stan and Diana.