Monday, 24 October 2011

I Made Mention Of Retro Cars A Few Posts Ago,

that is buying a car that has been out of production for many years,

but has been refurbished, with for instance better brakes or lights than the original had, take for instance the 1968 Morris Minor that Hugh and Anne Marshall are picking up, in shiny maroon paint, with fresh chrome on its bumpers and with its exposed ash frame, it looks like new, they ditched their "perfectly adequate" Ford Fusion and bought the refettled Minor for £18,000,

at Ware's Morris Minor Centre in Bristol, every component has been stripped, rebuilt and, where possible, rust-proofed and re-used, their Traveller has been adapted for 21st century motoring with servo-assisted brakes, halogen headlamps and a heated rear screen, they could, had they wanted, have asked the MMC to fit a 1,300cc engine (£2,075), (no option for a V8 unfortunately), five-speed gearbox (£1,350), satnav connections (£210), and front and rear suspension conversion (£480) making it even more of a match for today's traffic, so is retro motoring for you? give it a try, you never know you might like it!

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