Saturday, 25 February 2012

Do Not Mess With Fish 158,

and you thought fish were fun!

oh dear it has happened again! drugs being smuggled with live tropical fish, many years ago a company who's name I forget were offering fish to the trade at knock down prices, on the understanding they would keep the polystyrene boxes the fish arrived in, it later turned out that the boxes and lids had drugs in them, the polystyrene formed around slabs of some substance, well it has happened again in a slightly different form,

drugs worth an estimated £1.6m at wholesale prices, came from from Colombia into the UK, the ruse this time was that the drug would be dissolved in a liquid, the bag then put inside another bag with fish in, luckily the pair of criminals were caught, the sad news is that more than 16,000 fish paid with their lives, just 34 survived, police who followed the pair to a house in Nottingham later raided the property and found fish dead or dying in colanders inside,

so the pair of criminals were jailed for 11 years each at Nottingham Crown Court today after admitting conspiracy to import cocaine at an earlier hearing, might I also suggest another 16,000 days each, one day for each fish they killed, prosecuted under one of the cruelty to animals acts?

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