Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Does Anyone Remember The Flintstones From The 1960s?

I remember watching them from around that time,

as I guess German Sebastian Trager did, which probably explains why he built a replica of their car, but his attempt to get it on to public roads was foiled when German police ruled his Stone Age vehicle was too unsafe to take for a spin, although not technically foot powered as it is based on a 1,300 cc engine hidden in the front roller and has the chassis of a Volkswagen Polo, it failed because of a number of reasons, Trager stated 'when we got the registration form section about the number of lights, windscreen washers and wipers, well, we don’t even have a windscreen so we gave up', which seems a bit of a shame, surprisingly this is not the first stone age vehicle to try to take to the roads,

called the Bedrock sedan, this interpretation of the car was featured at the 2008 New York International Auto Show, but it really was 1 man power as reportedly it did not have an engine, also I suspect the steering was not quite up to scratch, but if you want to buy a road going one you might have missed it,

this is a highly desirable 1.6 litre petrol engine model, it 'ran' for about 80,000 km since it was produced in early 2011, the car was advertised for sale in Paris, how much? I hear you ask, a rock-bottom price of 2,200 Euros, I have to say I do not know if it was sold, but it is certainly a way to get you noticed, for the eagle eyed I am guessing behind and to the inside of the front roller you can see one of the drive wheels as I would suspect it was front wheel drive.

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