Sunday, 27 January 2013

Straight On To Today's Post,

as we have a guest staying with us,

 and as his favourite tipple is a gin & tonic we needed to buy some cans of tonic, so off to Tesco where I spotted this bike outside,

 it is a Honda, but I have not seen one with wheels like this before,

 now for the bad news, after shopping in Tescos and also trying 7-11's and Family Marts it appears there is a Pattaya wide shortage of tonic water, so it will have to be vodka sodas instead,

 and our guest for the weekend? none other than Jeff who is here for a few days,

 so naturally we had to have a night out on the town,

 the big question, where to have our first drink,

 the choice was endless,

 but in the end we decided on seeing the Living Dolls,

 followed by a couple in Baccarat, we then made a move to Champions, where we had more than a couple, also in the good news department we bumped into Kenny who was getting over his hip replacement operations and was celebrating by dancing around the bar,

 we continued our walk along the street,

 until we came to Roxy's,

 we just had to go in, the good news being that Grieg was there so we had a ball of a time,

 there are a few new bars in town the Pier being one of them although we did not go inside,

 we made our way back to Soi Diamond as we wanted to have a night cap in Heavens Above,

 it was as you can see from the balloons a party night so up we went,

 and bumped into the owner Patrick who we had not seen for a long time, so the partying continued into the early hours of the morning,

 so it was time to head home, but Jeff felt a little peckish,

so a quick stop at one of the many mobile food stalls, then home a night cap or two then we were all of to bed for a well earned rest.

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