Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bring Your Cheque Book To The Grand Palais In Paris Tomorrow,

and be prepared to write a big one!

as a spectacular array of motoring history has been housed all under one roof as 200 classic cars, motorbikes and even a plane that featured in Oscar-winning Hollywood blockbuster 'Out of Africa' go under the hammer at the Bonhams sale, just some of the goodies on sale will be Bugatti, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Ferrari, Bentley and many others, 18 of the classic cars made across seven decades were all owned by just one man, the Charles H Brown collection is expected to raise in the region of £1.3million,
speaking of Bugatti's, how about this lady for sales girl, oops I should have said sales person of the year, Anita Krizsan has sold 11 Bugatti Veyrons in the past year at the exclusive Mayfair dealership where she works, in pure cash terms that is £13million worth in a single year, Miss Krizsan seems to have the Midas touch - as well as selling ten Veyrons outright from the Jack Barclay dealership, she joined with a European firm to sell an eleventh,

She and her bosses declined to talk income – save to say she was on a ‘traditional’ commission-based package, however, leading luxury car dealers suggest that a ‘batting average’ of around £100,000 a year  would not be wide of the mark, this is calculated from the dealer’s profit margin on each Veyron of around £150,000, and the salesman or saleswoman receiving around five per cent to 10 per cent of that profit, that seems like a nice little earner, but well done it what is typically seen as a Job for the other sex, but back to the Bonhams sale, now how much are a couple of tickets to Paris?

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