Saturday, 28 May 2016

After Breakfast,

we went to the library,

where Diana chose a book to read whilst I caught up with our blog,

we then decided on a snack, pizza for Diana, cold cuts for myself,

we spent some more time by the pool,

at 3.00 in the afternoon we made a move for our afternoon tea,

and nice it was too,

Diana just loves the cream and jam,

whilst for myself the crumpets are nearly as good as the ones Diana makes at home,

we took an afternoon stroll on the outside deck, after a shower and change,

it was time for our evening meal, a chicken Cesar salad for Diana,

a prawn cocktail for myself,

on to our main courses, a regional dish for Diana, frango pri pri, a Portuguese spicy chicken served with chips and salad,

for myself a beer marinated spatchcock chicken, with Cajun potato, roasted corn with a jalapeno and tomato sauce,

desert for Diana, a warm chocolate praline fondant with vanilla bean ice cream and caramel sauce,

sultana brioche bred and butter pudding with ice cream was my choice,

we took a stroll,

before looking into one of the bars,

where a show was taking place,

we tarried a little there,

but we were waiting for the main show to begin,

and this was it, The 4tunes,

4 incredibility talented male singers,

all from Great Britain,

and have been in so many West End Shows, like Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, We Will Rock You, Hair, just to mention a few,

not only could they sing they could play as well, very well in fact,

a stunning performance,

so much so, we bought the CD,

an unusual thing to do when it is so easy to down load music,

after the show, 

cocktail time! a raspberry and Baileys for Diana,

a champagne bianaco for myself,

then to work off some of the calories,

a walk along the outer deck,

which was thirsty work,

so a nightcap, 

as we speed through the night, as the midnight hour had long since past, we were then off to bed.

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