Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Up Early For Breakfast Again,

we are really settling in to shipboard life,

 porridge for Diana,

 I enjoyed the smoked haddock so much yesterday I ordered it again for today,

 after breakfast back to the room to pick up the lap top,

 then into the library, the wi-fi does not reach our room, our cabin is as far forward as you can be, so we are out of range, also the only 3 pin British plugs are in the library or in cabins, the Information of the Day Officer accompanied me around lounges and private meeting rooms, not a single UK plug socket could be found on the boat except in the library, still the walk to and from the library must be doing us some good,

 after posting the blog and putting the lap top back into our cabin we took a walk around,

 it was almost warm enough to take a stroll outside, 

 a short stroll, well it was still not that warm, we then saw the afternoon cream tea we had booked being advertised, 

 we made our way to the stern of the ship,

 the observation deck had a well stocked bar,

 so we settled down to watch the ocean,

 as the Captain made a minor change of course,the wake had been dead straight for some time,

 a couple of glasses of bubbly and we were on the move again,

 we found the Epicurean, where we would be for afternoon tea,

 but first a snack for Diana,

 we remembered where the pizza bar was,

 well Diana did, I do not eat pizzas, pasta, lasagna or similar dishes myself, but Diana informed me that the pizzas here were remarkably good with very generous toppings,

 I decided to wander off upstairs,

 and watch some of the deck games,

 it was along way up, and remarkably windy, so down I went to meet back up with Diana,

 and make our way to the Epicurean,

 for our afternoon tea,

 and nice the rolls, cakes and scones,

 looked too,

 I forgot to mention there was also clotted cream and jam for the scones,

 all of the cakes were totally different to any we have eaten before, 

like this cotton candy pop cake,

 and this was fun, raspberry mousse, with lychee pearls, and fruit coulis which came with it's own little pipet fulled with juice to add to the dish so that the meringue did not melt before you ate it,


 another wander round the ship, a shower and change and we were off for our evening meal, we had a drink here as there were no tables for two available,

 but they have a neat system here, you are given a piece of kit that buzzes when your table is ready, we both started with a prawn cocktail each,

 followed by a steak for Diana, roast turkey for myself,

 a very happy Diana,

 next we left for the evening a show staring The Spinetts,

we arrived early, so we had a drink whilst we waited,

 then the show begun,

 and what a show,


 of the trio,

 giving a sterling performance,

 the show consisted of hits from the 1940s, 50s and 60s,

 unlike the show yesterday,

 there were no costume changes,

 none were needed,

 a final song and the show was over, a great way to end the day,

 we took a walk along the outside deck,

 but we were soon chilled,

 and found our way back into the atrium,

we watched the 10.30 show, by now it was well past midnight, so a quick nightcap and we were off to bed.

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