Thursday, 12 May 2016

We Had A Late Start,

first things first,

 breakfast at the Deli Nene,

 which is opposite the church,

a cheese and ham sandwich for Diana,

 a swirly heart latte coffee,

and small English breakfast for myself,

we then caught a bus to Bromley and called in to see Danny at his jewellery shop in market square and had a chat about his holiday he had just returned from and our upcoming trip,

next stop The Glades shopping center, which I have just found out is now called intu Bromley,

I Should of mention whilst I was chatting to Danny, Diana was in Primark doing a little shopping,

looking down to the floor below we could see a sushi train as we call them,

little bowls of food travelling past dinners, just like being back in Thailand,

the ceiling almost like the one at Kew Garden, letting in lots of natural light,

all of this had made us thirsty, so off to The Partridge, just off of Market Square,

the foyer looking so nice,

as was this,

a well stocked bar greeted the traveler,

refreshed we caught the bus back to Beckenham and walked past the entrance to Beckenham Place Park, where we have a an apartment we rent out,

 the gatehouse was ablaze with wisteria,

the whole area having a slight fragrance,

from so many flowers,

Steve was out at his club arranging next weeks event, but after we had our evening meal and he ate at the club, it was time for cheese and biscuits when he returned, we had bought some Brie two types of mature cheddar from Kent and one I had wanted to try since it was featured on Wallace and Gromit, Wensleyldale, we did it wrong by try the mature cheddar before it, next time Wensleyldale first then the cheddar's, after some fresh fruit with ice cream it was feet up for a couple of films, then as Diana will need all of her strength tomorrow as she is going running with Kai around Beckenham Place Park, we were all off to bed.

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