Thursday, 17 August 2017

I Had A Run Around Day,

firstly I dropped Diana off, 

  behind TukCom to go shopping there and then to go window shopping in Central Festival, I went into the bank and thought about a ice coffee, but I had other things to do,

 we wanted some pictures printed, so Diana had chose some that I put on a memory stick and took to the Kodak shop opposite Friendship, but there was a slight problem, the shop's computer could not process some of the images as there were still in RAW that were taken by the photographer of our wedding in the Philippines, so back home to fire up the computer to change the picture format from RAW to JPEG,

 then back to the Kodak shop to have the pictures printed, we will pick them up tomorrow, next for me shopping in Friendship for some bread then home,

as Diana was going to be some time I amused myself by playing with some of the images of temples that I had taken in the past, some I gave an old sort of 'antique' look to,

in others that I had taken using a infrared camera I gave a colour swap to,

and some received a really 'wild' look, great fun, I have another blogpage with many of my infrared pictures on it here, to view older posts click onto the three lines at the top of the opening page,

 in the evening it was glad rags on for our evening meal,

 and tonight we were going to Livv,

 which is situated on Soi Khao Talo,

 a orange for Diana,

 we were served with some complimentary rolls,

 which were piping hot, straight from the oven, normally I avoid bread, rice, potatoes when we eat out as I get too full for the main parts of the meal, but these rolls were so nice I just had to eat a whole one,

we had a long break, then our starters arrived,

a small pizza for Diana, which was huge,

  and a prawn salad for myself,

 but that description does not do it justice, take iceberg lettuce, add shrimps, mango, cucumber and Livv's whiskey cocktail sauce and you have a prawn cocktail to remember!

 on to our main courses, bar-b-q ribs for Diana,

 and a steak for myself,

 a quick picture,

 a "Cheers! from me,

 and it is eyes down,

 and tuck in, the steak was easy to cut, eat and enjoy,

 on to desserts,

 Diana decided on a Livv Sorbet,

 and for myself a Dame Blanche, home made vanilla ice cream with a hot chocolate sauce and cream,

 lots of cream,

 then the difficult bit,

 no not eating it,

 pouring the hot chocolate,

 we were then given a complimentary drink,

 with fresh cream,


 one of the many nice thing about Livv is that they do a take away service for pizzas, and other main course meals, soups and snacks,

 these are just a few of the ones on offer,

Diana said that hers was excellent, praise indeed! our meal including 2 soft drinks, a bottle of wine and 2 glasses of wine came to 4,008 baht,

as we left we were asked if everything was to our satisfaction, and it was, a fabulous meal with great service, arriving home we, or I should say I had a nightcap, (or three!), and with that we were off to bed.

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