Saturday, 19 August 2017

We Had A Quiet Day,

the kittens that have adopted us,

 are getting a little bolder, as we left for the market all but the white one showed great interest in Diana opening the front gate,

 we made our way to the Thepprasit Road weekend night market, where some of the mobile food stalls had parked up next to one of the shrines,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 lots of cloud, 

 and the same looking inland, I had set up a program in the camera to take 16 pictures, each one of 15 second exposure, I wanted to see if I could take a picture of the stars, the idea was that the pictures are then loaded into a stacking program that stacks the faint image on each picture and the hope is that a picture of the stars will be produced, well that was 10 days or so ago, and since then every night here has been cloudy like this, any way hopefully better luck next week,

 this is one of the most colourful stalls here,

 I am always amazed at how many stalls like this one, Cutie Big Eye, sell coloured contact lenses,

 and once you have your coloured eyes, lots of choice for eye lashes,

 and here is a pair of really big eyes,

 pretty in pink is the theme of this stall,

 opposite the bar this evening two 100 baht stalls,

 looking downhill all 10 uprights have now been roofed over,

 the fruit stall now loaded for this evenings trade,

 and in the pet aisle I bumped into Jim,

 who made his way to the bar, whilst I went to the pet food stall,

 and this is it,

 this week 4 boxes of wet food and a bag each of the two dry foods we give the cats,

 a hello to the aquatic shop owner,

 sunset over the market,

 there is obviously a reason for this row to stop short,

 but I can not think why,

 one of the ice cream sellers makes his way downhill,

 and there is Jim as I arrived at the bar,

 looking inland it was a fact that I would not be star gazing this evening,

 Diana returned from shopping in Tesco where I had dropped her off,

 I always like this mobile food seller, it is the fact that he always has a number of chairs strapped to the back of his motorcycle for his customers,

 by now it was getting late and a decision was made, we dropped the motorcycle and cat food off at home,

 that ordered a Grab taxi to take us to meet Jim at The Sportsman in Soi 13 on Beach Road, 

 as it was Friday it was the all you can eat pizza and spaghetti night, this was Diana's starter,

 and Jim's, 

for myself I went with a prawn cocktail,

 a quick look at the bar between courses,

 Diana and Jim went for another helping, then my main course arrived,

 beef stew and dumplings, which was delicious,

 for dessert Diana and Jim,

went for the apple pie and ice cream, I decided on a bakewell tart and custard, which tasted exactly like the ones I enjoy back in the UK, the food we all agreed was excellent, we said our farewells to Jim and ordered a Grab taxi home, where it was feet up for a few Bargain Hunts and then we were off to bed.

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