Saturday, 26 August 2017

Many Times Whilst Watching Shows Featuring Antiques,

we see lacquered boxes being bought or sold,

 so when I chanced upon this video showing how a Korean inlaid lacquered box was made I just had to watch it,

the video is just four and a half minute-long,

but it takes master-craftsman Lee Kwang-Woong, twelve full months to make the box, the video shows each of the many steps needed to complete the box, starting with harvesting sap from a lacquer tree, fret sawing, charcoal polishing, and lacquer curing, the video is from the Victoria & Albert Museum, and what a pleasure it was to watch it, we did in fact visit a business in Vietnam that made lacquer boxes and screens, fascinating it was too,

here are some pictures,

 from the workshop we visited,

if you would like to see more of the workshop just click here for our visit there and on the same day,

we went to the Cao Dai Temple.

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