Monday, 8 August 2016

An Easy Question,

which I did not know the answer to,

who were Sherringford Hope and Ormond Sacker? above is a clue they are now more well known as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, I came across this small piece of Holmes trivia whilst reading an article on it appears that Doyle wanted to name the detective Hope after a whaling ship that sailed from Peterhead in Scotland to Greenland, which he served on and wrote about in his book titled Dangerous Work: Diary of an Arctic Adventure, but his first wife Louisa asked him to change the name which he did, but it did not stop with the change to Sherringford Holmes, more changes were on the way, if you want to find more about and who the characters were based on follow the link to sherlockian-sherlock above, it is a fascinating web site if you like the detective with many misconceptions explained, for instance did Holmes ever say, 'elementary my dear Watson', the answer is number 22 on this page.

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