Friday, 26 August 2016

First Thing,

the kittens were up,

 well still not wide awake,

 but that soon ended, 

 as the toys were out,

 Cable playing with this one for the first time,

 normally it is Hogue that has made that toy his favourite,

 this is Hogue,

 about to pounce,

 we had to go out to Makro, but first took a couple of pictures, 

 of one of the cactus with a double flower,

 work continues in the cats room,

 above the door we have replaced the glass,

 with wire mesh for ventilation,

 the tiling going on a pace,

 speaking of which it appears we were going to be a few short,

 so off to the builders merchants,

 on Pattaya Tai,

 one of the wire frames painted and drying,

 then the dusty stuff starts,

 using an angle grinder to cut through the brick work to make the door through to the living room,

 meanwhile one of the side wire frames is ready to be secured,

 next break through!

 a few wacks with a hammer,

 then weakening with a drill,

 and it soon opens up, 

 then rubbish removed,

 hey presto, all they have to do now is fit the door frame and door,

 the spoil loaded onto Arry's truck,

 then the clean up begins using a blower,

 work for the day finally ends, 

 it has been another hard day, 

with all of the hammering and noise of drills and angle grinders, so time for a nap as we watch television,

during the day I put a few pieces of video together of the kittens at play, definitely a cup of coffee needed if you watch it!

after our evening meal it was feet and paws up to watch another couple from Falling Skies, easy to follow, the story line as predictable as night following day, but still fun to watch, then for us we were all off to bed.

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