Wednesday, 31 August 2016

I Guess We All Have Had A Picture Or Video Taken,

that shows us in an unfavourable or embarrassing light,

 the rich and famous often seem to be depicted that way, so what if it happens to you and you want to stop the images from being uploaded to the Internet? well it appears that a gentleman known only as Liu, had only recently arrived in Weifang in search of a job when he attended neighbourhood square dance, which he apparently enjoyed, what he did not enjoy was bystanders laughing and taking photos of him showing his dancing skills, terrified the images would be uploaded on the the Internet there was only one course of action open to him, 

destroy the physical internet infrastructure in his neighbourhood to prevent these embarrassing photos of himself from appearing online, so while on an evening walk, Liu ended up destroying four optical cable network receivers, causing over 100,000 yuan in damages, (£11,448 or $14,936 at today's rate), he was soon caught and a picture taken of him re-enacting his crime, the sad thing is an online search of Liu’s square dance photos does not turned up any relevant results, maybe his desperate crime actually paid off, or maybe the people who photographed him had better things to do than share them online, We will never know.

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