Monday, 29 August 2016

I Have Heard Of Boats Hitting Swimmers,

other boats, docks, bridge supports, even icebergs,

 but this is the first time I have heard of one hitting a car,

 but this canal boat did as it cruised the River Avon between Cleeve Prior and Harvington, Worcestershire, at around 11.50am on Thursday, West Mercia Police were called after an unoccupied submerged red Landrover Freelander was hit, the occupiers of the canal boat which crashed into the Land Rover called the police in case there were people inside the vehicle,

a spokesman for the West Mercia Police said: "Police officers would like to thank local landowners and businesses and other river users for their cooperation, they also would like help finding the owner of thevehicle and how it came to be in the river." first appearances seemed to indicate it had been pushed in to the river, just imagine the insurance claim for damage to the boat, I hit a car!

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