Saturday, 13 August 2016

Another Quiet Day For Us,

for a bit of fun,

 Diana feed the fish instead of myself,

 we use normal fish food and frozen bloodworms which the fish all love, 

 in the evening we were off to the Thepprasit Road weekend night market,

 slightly cloudy skies looking towards Jomtien,

 and inland, 

 opposite the bar this evening a cosmetics stall and one selling shoes,

 lots of shoes!

 one of the aisles,

 a typical stall selling T shirts and Thai silk shawls or scarves, 

 on the corner of this one lottery tickets,

 next aisle the pet section,

 one of the local cats, 

 sunset over the market,

 the bargain bag stall,

 now here is a problem, the bar was closed,

 but not for long, traffic held up the owner and soon all was well,

 next stop home for baked salmon, broccoli and mashed potatoes,


after our meal we watched two episodes of The Chase, a couple from Judge Judy then the film of the evening Goosebumps, a family fun romp through the pages of monsters that are released into the real world from an authors writings, great fun and special effects,

by now it was late so we settled for a couple from 3rd Rock from the Sun, then for us we were off to bed.

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