Thursday, 18 August 2016

I Have Heard Of Cards And Artists,

but I have never heard of a cardist, until now,

 a small, but budding group of cardists (a combination of “cards” and “artists”) have attracted fans for their fluid card spins, twirls, tosses, and flicks, cards in shows are normally associated with magic tricks, but not for cardists, they entertain by shuffling, making patterns and waterfalls out of the decks of cards, magic relies on concealment of skills, while cardistry embellishes skills on full display, Dave Buck, a famous cardist, explains to Vanity Fair,

 while cardists are adamant about establishing their differences from magicians, the art form does have roots in magic card tricks, these GIFs show some of the tricks that cardists perform,

  in the 19th century, magicians would show their sleight of hand by completing some of the shuffling patterns we are most familiar with, such as the riffle shuffle and the Charlier Cut (splitting the deck with one hand), 

cardistry has since branched away and expanded from magic, cardists have mastered turnovers, tosses, catches, elaborate patterns, card springs, and have even invented new moves,

so if you have time, about one cup of coffees worth, here is a video showing some of the many tricks that cardists perform, it almost gave me a headache watching, 

this professionally produced video, Virtuoso : Liquid Paper, slows things down a tad and is just so amazing to watch, all of that with just a deck of cards.

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