Saturday, 27 August 2016

We Snack On Fresh Fruit,

pretty much every afternoon,

 once a week or so on watermelons, in case you do not know the average commercial watermelon produces 1 to 4 fruits per harvest, while typical watermelon plants may also set dozens of fruit in the beginning, they then abort most of them, with only the strongest of fruit remaining to ripen, but the new super-plant developed by agronomist Zhu Xuegang and his research team didn’t let any of the watermelons shrivel up and die, 

 created by the Zhengzhou Research Seedling Technology Co.,Ltd., the plant has been acknowledged as the most productive watermelon plant in the world after yielding 131 fruit in just 90 days, planted on April 26, on a 100-square-meter plot in Xizheng, the vine sprouted from the ground on May 1st, started flowering on June 1st and by July 31st, the 131 melons were ready for harvest, I just hope they taste as nice as the locally grown ones here.

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