Monday, 22 August 2016


you are a policeman in your patrol car,

chasing a fleeing subject, but the criminal drops his moped and runs into a pathway to narrow for your car, what do you do? easy steal a child's unlocked mini bicycle and continue the pursuit, and it worked! Gahn Silke, a police spokesperson told The Local, the fleeing villain had three charges against him when caught, He didn’t have a driving licence for his moped, he had been driving whilst "heavily under the influence of alcohol and drugs," and he was harbouring more narcotics in his rucksack, Silke said, it just goes to show what using initiative will do, as a footnote, the policeman returned the bike-cum-police-chase-vehicle after successfully nabbing the intoxicated escapee, to the small owner's "absolute delight", the child's mother had not yet called the cops about the absence of the vehicle, the police spokesperson reported, I wonder what would have happened if she had reported it stolen, would the charge be policeman in charge of a stolen vehicle?

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