Saturday, 13 August 2016

Most Saturday Evenings,

we sit outside and have a romantic candle lite bar-b-q for two and listen to music,

 we have a Bluetooth speaker that plays from my telephone, we are on our second one, the first failed after a few years, well I have just seen the replacement for it when it too finally fails, behold the Devialet's new Phantom Gold remote speaker, but why is the one so special? it relies on Devialet’s proprietary Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH) technology, which the company has been developing over the last 10 years, while sound systems traditionally rely on either analog or digital amplifiers, Devialet has come up with a way of combining the two and provide far superior sound quality because the amplifiers operate in parallel rather than in succession, 'a dream for engineers for 40 years, and we were the first ones to do it,' says co-founder Quentin Sanié, 

even at 100 percent volume, there is  no audible distortion, with a power output of 4,500 watts and 108 decibels, that the company says is the equivalent of a live rock concert,

the 22 caret gold plated speaker will suit us just fine and the packaging looks so neat, all we have to do now is find the £2,313 ($2,990), to buy one, and no I am not on commission!

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