Tuesday, 9 August 2016

If You Are Into Vintage Cars,

you will have seen many types of bonnet or radiator mascots,

the most famous and collectable of which were designed in crystal by René Lalique, in the decadent 1920s and 30s, mascots were not only a sign of immense wealth and social standing, but also of discerning taste, they were in fact the ultimate status symbol,

well now comes the chance to own one of these beauties as the the Robert White Collection, features more than 300 lots of exceptionally rare motoring mascots, some of which are from RenĂ© Lalique himself, also in the sale there are cars motorcycles and an exceptionally rare watch,

the most famous mascot that is still used today is the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy, believed to be modelled on Lady Eleanor Thornton and designed in 1911 by Charles Sykes, it became the signature emblem of Rolls-Royce, if you go the the sale there is one item in the auction I would dearly love to own, 

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