Saturday, 27 August 2016

We Thought Hogue Had Injured His Left Eye Having A Scrap,

so first thing off to the vets,

I had forgotten my camera, so I took this picture off of their website,

 it is the one that Nick and Maureen uses in Soi Nub Plan Warn, (spelt as it sounds),

 it is easy to find, coming from the Sumkivitt Road go over the railway lines, then after 200 yards or so look out for a sign for Tony's Gym on the right hand side, turn into that road that opens up into a large square with Tony's Gym in the centre of it, the Nuern Plub Warn Animal Hospital is at the far end of the square, we were soon seen, the veterinarian said it was the cat version of red eye and should not be a problem, so one drop of the medication 4 times a day in Hogues eye, it looked so easy when the vet and her assistant performed the procedure, at home the amount of injuries I sustained when fitting Cable and Hogue with collars was nothing compared to holding Hogues eye open and putting a drop in it!

 Diana spent most of the day dusting, the amount of dust created by the angle grinder cutting the new door way has to be seen to be believed, Arry did not call round today, so no work on the cats room, in the evening we were of to the Thepprasit Road night market, 

 looking towards Jomtien,

 before I took a picture of the sky inland I had to take a picture of this old VW, there is a garage on the railway lines that always seems to have several old VW's being worked on, I guess this is one of them,

 looking inland slight haze,

 opposite the bar this evening a clothes shop and one selling brightly coloured plastic shoes,

 but something is missing,

 in fact looking back some of it was missing last week too,

 but I failed to notice it, all of the huge steel frame work has disappeared,

just leaving these foundations as a reminder of where they were,

 I made my way down towards the pet section,

 a few of the stalls not yet open,

 but this one was, 2 boxes of kitten tuna flavoured wet food, as we will be buying a lot of this over time we compared prices, Tesco Lotus 20 baht per sachet, Lazada on the Internet 18 baht and here 15 baht, plus a further 10 baht off if you buy the whole box of 12, bargain!

 sunset over the market,

 and a clear view of the sky with the steel-work removed,

 it appears I will be the first customer of the evening,

 a slight bit of cloud looking inland,

and a pretty sky as we make our way back to the motorcycle and home,

after our evening meal we watched a few from The Chase, Judge Judy and rounded the evening off with a few more from Falling Skies, with that we were off to bed.

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