Thursday, 25 August 2016

As Regular,

as clockwork,

 the bugmen,

 and buglady arrived,

so let the spraying begin,


 work was continuing on the wire screens for the kittens room,

 and the tiling began, we were having a row four tiles high around the room for easy cleaning,

 as many of our friends know we sit outside most Saturday evenings, well the concrete table and chairs have seen better days, one chair had already collapsed, two others had concrete falling off of them exposing the wires inside and the table now had an ominous crack across the middle of it, time for some new outdoor furniture, so off to Cozy Outdoor Furniture,

it is on Third Road opposite the French antique shop,

 this set looks right,

 6 nice comfy chairs, cushions included,

 and a glass topped table,

 then to Fascino for a few tablets and antiseptic cream, after putting collars with bells on the kittens if there is anything you want to know about cuts, bites, scratches and kicks from kittens I am the person to ask!

 next stop the  bank,

 an ice coffee and tea,

 then the 20 baht shop,

 I wanted to buy a small pot to hold a plastic bag for changing the kitten litter,

 arriving home,

 work had continued,

 with the tilling,

 and soon after the table and chairs arrived, all we have to do now is dispose of the old ones,

Houge took it all in his stride,

as it was Wednesday we were out for our evening meal,

to Cherry's 

for their 450 baht,

International buffet,

the choice of just starters was over whelming,

so eyes down and tuck in,

'Cheers!' from Mr. Tony,

and myself,

then on to the desserts, after arriving home we thanked Mr. Tony and said our farewells, we are only making this one post today as Arry still has some work to do so it means the kittens have to be kept in the sleeping home in case they run outside, so this is their mornings run around before all of the doors are opened, back to yesterday evening, we watched a few programs on cable television, then for us we were off to bed.

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