Saturday, 27 August 2016

I Am Sure We Have All Visited,

an all you can eat restaurant,

and seen dinners leaving food to be thrown away on their plates, well here is a novel idea from Yuoki, a sushi restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany,

 dinners seated at a table and are provided with iPads which they can use to order up to five small dishes every ten minutes, you can eat as much as you want for 120 minutes, but having the food delivered at short intervals allows you to constantly assess how hungry you are and order accordingly, preventing food waste,

owner Luan Guoyu believes our “eyes are bigger than our stomachs”, so he believes that not being able to see the cooked food at the buffet prevents people from ordering more food that they can actually eat just because they like the way it looks, but Luan Guoyu’s most effective way of fighting food waste, and the one that has attracted media attention, is his €1 ($1.15) fine for food still left on the plate, “It’s called ‘all-you-can-eat,’ not ‘all-you-can-chuck-away,’ he says, adding that the extra charge is not meant to increase his profits, but to act as a reminder not to waste food, in the two years since Yuoki implemented this “eat up or pay up” policy, Guoyu claims he has collected €900 ($1,020) to €1,000 ($1,133) in food waste fees, and now the good news, he plans to donate the fees to charity.

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