Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Lost In A Shipwreck In 2012,

and found on a research dive in 2014,

a camera was found, before you ask of course it does not work, but the amazing thing is the memory card did! a marine ecology department team from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada conducted a research dive to study starfish off the coast of Bamfield when students Tella Osler and Beau Doherty came across something interesting, this camera,

 on it as you might guess family pictures, after asking around online, and pinning the man's picture up on a local bulletin board, Côté and Gray discovered the camera belonged to Paul Burgoyne, who had been rescued from a shipwreck by the Coast Guard back in 2012, 

for the full story of the shipwreck and rescue of Paul Burgoyne shown above have a look here, in relating the story there was a bit of luck for Paul, when Future Shop arrived at his studio to surprise him with a new camera ­— this one waterproof — to replace the one that sunk with his boat off Vancouver Island two years ago, “It will go under water intentionally,” Burgoyne said of his new Nikon Coolpix AW120 camera, delivered by Future Shop representative Elliott Chun, “I sure appreciate this, this is fantastic and I’ll put it to good use.” he new equipment replaces a camera and memory card Burgoyne had bought at the Granville Street Future Shop, not long before setting off on his ill-fated journey, while warranties don’t extend to cameras dropped in the ocean, after hearing about Burgoyne’s accident and the story of his lost camera, Future Shop decided to surprise him with a replacement, what an incredibly nice gesture from Future Shop, if I lived in the area they would have my business for life, I am just amazed that being submerged for so long the card still worked.

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