Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Just A Couple Of Pictures Today,

of one of the cactus flowering,

 we decided to stay indoors, but looking at one of the cactus trays, one had decided to flower,

 and strange it looked too,

 the cactus is about the size of a small tennis ball,

 with the flowers on one side,

 but looking closer there appears to be,

another two sets of buds on the other side of it, hopefully a few more flowers tomorrow,

after our evening meal we watched Dark Shadows, which was a bit of a strange one, after being buried alive, well undead really as he is a vampire, Barnabas Collins is released from his coffin after 196 years, trying to catch up with modern inventions and being hounded by the witch that incarcerated him he tries to restore his remaining families fortunes, the film could have been so much better, but there it is,

 but what does get better and better is Downton Abbey, this blue ray titled Moorland Holiday, great fun as more than a few indiscretions are aired,

we then started on series 6 which was better still with blackmail rearing its ugly head and the start of the fall of some of the great houses making a backdrop to the first few episodes, we are both looking forward to tomorrow nights drama, and with that we were off to bed.

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