Sunday, 28 August 2016

Work Continued,

on the kittens room,

 the wooden door fame being fitted, the good news is that the red eye that Hogue was suffering from has in 24 hours really shown a great improvement, but I have to continue with the drops for the next 4 days,

 Arry and his team normally start late, about 10.00 in the morning, but then finish late to make up for it, bearing this in mind we decided to eat out instead of having our usual Saturday night bar-b-q,

 a new hotel/restaurant had opened up some time ago, we noticed it going from the Thepprasit Road on our way along Thepprasit Soi 8 to the Punch and Judy it is on the same side of the road but a few hundred yards before it, called Momento Beach, I decided to call in and book a table,

 inside the reception area,

 all was nice and neat, in no time table booked,

 and I was on my way out, but had to stop at the shop opposite the entrance,

 which sold all sorts of garden ornaments,

 next stop the 7-11 and on to the rear of TukCom for a couple of iced drinks to go,

 arriving home the door frame had been fitted,

 and the boxes of tiles picked up,

 outside the wire door was being completed,

 and work continued on the tiling,

 all too soon it was glad rags on,

 and we were off,

 the dinning area is situated by the pool,

 and very romantic it was too,

 no sooner had we sat down than complimentary starters arrived,

 Diana thought the setting was lovely, well we both did,

 a nibble to start with, 

 in the far distance a waterfall with changing coloured lights,

 Cheers!', with a glass of bubbly, 

there were a number of poolside tables, 

 our starters arrived,

 they were both huge, I went for cold meats, the amazing thing is I ordered the small one!

 the same for Diana's Caesar salad, she also chose the small sized starter,

 Diana commented there was so much chicken and I have to say I was truly impressed with the amount, flavour and varieties of cuts on my plate, 

 one of the waitresses kindly offered to take our picture which was nice,

 peek a boo! our main courses arrived, huge kebabs,

 the side dish under mine was sauteed potatoes which were a meal in itself,

 'Cheers!', again,

 Diana ordered chick and beef,

 I ordered all four meats, beef, chicken, pork and duck, but you can order any combination of meats you desire,

 eyes down and tuck in,

 and then a nice touch, one of the few restaurants I can think of in Pattaya where you are given an after dinner complimentary drink, 

 and nice it was too, be warned the portions, even the small ones if ours were anything to go by are huge, in fact the waitress was a little surprised that we a ordered a starter and a main course, it seems that some dinners have just one or the other, in truth I have a feeling that had I ordered the large selection of cold cuts I would not have been able to eat the main course,

we left the restaurant and passed the garden shop and made our way home,

where we started the second disc of season one of Falling Skies, it all seems a little improbable, the way things are falling into place, predictable as the plot is it, is still compelling to watch the next episode just in case there is a surprise in the plot, which would be a real surprise as there has not been any yet! with that we were off to bed.

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