Sunday, 7 August 2016

Back To The Dentist,

so I parked in Friendship car park,

 as after the appointment,

 there was some shopping to do,

 the dentist we always use is Dr. Chanis, 

 which is opposite Friendship, this is the view from the front of his practise,

 on the way back I called in for a ice coffee and a ice tea, but to no avail, the machine was broken, but was told it would be fixed tomorrow, so home sans cold drinks,

 arriving home I notice one of the cactus flowering, 

 so I had to take a picture, 

 we had a few friends call round during the day, Phil, Mr. Tony, Bill and Flor and Barry, so the day just flew past, then time for our romantic candle lite bar-b-q,

 after some garlic bread and New Zealand mussels,

 it was time to lite the barby,

 so with plenty of smoke and showers of sparks,

 we were soon in business,

 for tonight a couple of pork chops,

 the charcoal glowing nicely, 

 so on they went, the sweetcorn and potatoes in foil went on the grill, 

 then on to the table,

 in the packet as well as potatoes Diana had put some bacon and onions,


sweetcorn cut from the cob and eyes down and tuck in, delicious, we spent the rest of the evening chatting away and listening to music, as the midnight hour approached we went inside and we were off to bed.

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