Monday, 29 August 2016

As More People Are Using Push Bikes,

for exercise and getting to work,

it is nice to see councils planning cycle paths in place, confident in the knowledge that the cycle paths are safe and well planned, but not this cycle path it appears, the cycle route was funded by the Heart of the Southwest Local Enterprise Partnership as part of its approved programme of improvements known as the 'Torquay Gateway', a council spokesman said: "As part of this phase of the scheme, a 60m section is served by steps with a provision to place a cycle in a channel to be pushed by hand, this overcomes a technical difficulty with the difference in level at this location, whilst this is not an ideal solution, it does provide a safe and usable facility for a very short section of the route." seems strange that the other side of the hill does not have steps, but still it is a given that mobility scooter riders will not use the new £350,000 cycle path in Torquay, Devon.

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