Monday, 22 August 2016

We All Had A Restful Night,

bearing in mind it was the first night that Mariana,

 had been away from her family and friends we expected lots of meowing, but she did not make a sound until 05.25 so I got up half an hour earlier than normal, then Diana played with her,

 until it was time to go to our Sunday lunch with Mr. Tony,

 we parked in LK Metro,

 and made our way to The Robins Nest,

 a view of the 299 baht all you can eat 3 course carvery, today the soup was mushroom,

 a red wine for myself,  

 Diana decided on a chicken and bacon club sandwich,

 Mr. Tony and myself went for the carvery,

 a look at the well stocked bar,


 on to desserts ice cream for Diana and myself,

 apple pie, cream and custard for Mr. Tony,

 followed by a latte coffee,

 all served by one of the restaurant's charming waitresses,

 we made our way back to the car,

 and along Soi Lengkee on our way home,

 Mariana was so pleased to see us, she played all of the afternoon and evening,

 until Mr. Sleep,

 called by, 

 she was a bit restless, 

 and could not really decide weather to sleep or play some more, 

 getting up a half an hour earlier had it's effect on me as well, 

 as Mr. Sleep paid me a visit, 

 then it was awake time for more playing,

this time with Diana,

earlier in the evening with Mr. Tony we watched Breaking Bad, every one we have spoken to rated it highly, but I have to admit I found it pretty bad, but I guess it just must be me, anyway we will watch another couple of episodes tomorrow, we the said our goodbyes to Mr. Tony,

and put on The Monuments Men, which was a good war film but from a slightly different perspective, the men in the group rounding up looted works of art as the war drew to a close, with that we were all off to bed.

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