Saturday, 5 May 2018

A Slightly Busy Day,

the tap on the other side of the house repaired,

also the spray thingy in the bathroom,

next the new water pump arrived,

the old pipework cut and pump removed,

new pipe work glued,

and there it is just pop the rain cover on and it is ready to go,

next for us a trip to Soi Bukaow,

the buildings opposite it on Pattaya Tai nearing completion,

Soi Bukaow Road itself fairly quiet,

we crossed the road,

and went inside,

where I spotted this colourful shirt,

amongst these others,

a few artificial flowers,

we went past the banana stall,

I am always amazed at the number of different varieties that are offered for sale, surprisingly there are over 1000 different varieties of bananas growing around the world, subdivided into 50 groups,

looking across one of the open areas in the market,

nothing like growing your own coconuts,

the aquatic stall in the center of the market,

past the hair, 

and beauty products,

looking back to the way we walked,

it looked like rain, 

and that was confirmed,

by the stall owners putting supports where pools of water might form when it rains,

we arrived at the pet section,

I had a quick look,

at some of the fish on offer,

back through the clothing section,

and into Soi Bukaow,

we crossed the road and went into the covered section opposite the main market, where mainly secondhand clothes are sold,

then out onto the street and past the money boxes and home,

 in the evening we were out again,

 as it was Friday, it was to the Thepprasit Road weekend night market, looking towards Jomtien, cloudy,

the same looking inland,

it is durian season, with stalls selling the fruit popping up everywhere,

past the toy stall,

then a traffic jam,

it appears there is a one way system, and the fruit seller was going the wrong way, so a turn around,

to let the other motorbike and sidecar through, then back again,

opposite the bar this evening a stall selling bathroom mats, and a 50 baht stall,

not much seems to have been completed on the steelworks this week,

continuing downhill, past the fruit stall,

we or I should say Diana will be buying some of these lychee's tonight,

another durian stall,

and some of these ribs will be our evening meal,

the sign says it all, pork ribs with honey roast in a jar,

I made my way past other food stalls,

and chefs,

to the pet section, the ramps to the car parking domination the scene,

not many customers so far this evening,

the shop full with products,

a quick look at the aquatic store,

sunset over the market, from the rear of it,

and near the road,

as well as bathroom mats the stall opposite the bar sold towels,

night creeps in, 

and here we are at home with the delicious pork ribs and crackling from another stall, 'Cheers!',

we then settled down to a few game shows and a couple more episodes from The Frankenstein Chronicles, which just keep getting better and better, it was now getting late, so for us we were off to bed.

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