Friday, 1 June 2018

Yesterday I Promised Lots Of News Today,

well here it is,

 we have moved, not here to Tara Court,  

 this is where we and Mark who helped us move, had breakfast,

 in the entrance hall a tempting display of cakes,

 we went in to the restaurant,

 and ordered breakfast,

 a small Irish for Diana,

 the big Irish for Mark and myself, after saying our farewells to Mark,   

  we went back to our new home,

 it is a huge double sized condo where two units have been knocked into one, the lounge balcony,

 from the lounge balcony the view over the pool.

 being a corner unit the balcony extends along the side of the building,

 and the view from it,

 back in the lounge Diana is making herself comfortable,

 whilst I have set up the laptop,

 the spare bedroom,

soon to be filled,

 with all of our bits and pieces,

 the main bedroom,

with it's own balcony,

 and the kitchen,

 which is huge,

and has everything we need, in the evening it was feet up for some cable television, we have not unpacked the video player yet, and if you remember earlier where we had breakfast there was a cake stall,no prizes for guessing who bought a cake for herself! and with that we were off to bed.


Vic said...

Interesting, Stan! I remember you saying you wouldn't live in a condo, so I guess it had a be a large one, at least! Looks quite centrally located, unless the sea is in the background?

PattayaStan said...

Dear Vic,
one of the reasons I said that I would not like a condo is that many are converted into double, as this one is or triple units, the noise of hammer drills when work is going on is terrible, I know, I visited a friend who had months of none stop hammering all day, the good news is that this condo has been here for some time, so almost all of the early conversion work has been done, the condo is on Pranamack hill with the sea about 400 meters away, so we have a shot walk to laze on the beach, but the pool is nearer if we want to get wet! best regards, Stan and Diana.

Vic said...

I think it's a lovely area; it can feel like the hustle and bustle of Pattaya central is a million miles away, despite everything being so close.
BTW I had a test ride of a T120 Bonneville last week & I thought you might be interested. The 270⁰ crank angle makes it feel and sound like a V twin; the bass burble from the exhausts at low revs is a delight to hear. The bulk of the huge amount of torque is available at low revs too, and it feels very relaxed and easy around town, whilst the acceleration if you do decide to wind it up threatens to rip you arms off. The riding position is extremely comfortable and I felt like I didn't want to get off after an hour's ride; its general manageability seems to belie its engine size and weight. For anyone seeking to combine the best of the old with the best of the new, this bike has to be a good bet.
I think the superb Triumph showroom on Sukhumvit is worth a visit just to see the standard of finish and air of quality on the new bikes, and the manager made me feel welcome when I was there in March. He speaks decent English and he said they were still getting spares and accessories in because they had only been open for 3 months at the time, but it looked to be well set up already. I'd recommend a test ride if you can get one; I'm certainly a bigger fan of these bikes after riding one for myself.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely, new home--very spacious and modern!

Your family of feral-cat friends are going to miss you.

Regards from Ken C.

PattayaStan said...

Dear Vic, we went to the triumph showroom when it first opened, T100 binnie was 420,000 now 445,000, I must admit my T120 that a company called Harvey Owen took it to Thruxton specs way back in the late 1960s made it for the time super fast, but I think I will stick to the 112 and 125 that I have for now!

Dear Ken C, many thanks for your kind comments, we are hoping the new owners will fed the ferals, the good news is that they are with the exception of one able to fend for themselves, best regrinds to all, Stan and Diana.