Saturday, 22 August 2009

Health And Safety Going Over Board Again!

at the World Walking the Plank championship, which takes places this Sunday,

competitors were told to cancel the event, the organisers received a letter Swale Borough Council told organisers they should 'seek advice on water quality in the harbour' before the event took place, the letter reads: 'I write with reference to our conversation about the World Walking the Plank championships, I acknowledge your comments with regard to the history of this event and also your advice that this is an area routinely used by bathers for recreational use' I wonder why the council allows bathing there if it is concerned about water quality? the competition, which has been held for the last 12 years, judges 'pirates' on use of pirate language such as 'Avast' or 'Arrr Matey', original costume, execution of jump and overall star quality - dubbed the 'Aargh Factor'.

organiser of the event, a man known only as Captain Cutlass, confirmed: 'As a result of our own exhaustive tests the World Walking the Plank championships are still on for Sunday, 'The plank-off starts at 2pm just before high tide.' He added: 'It infuriates me officials always come up with reasons why Britain can't have fun, it's time we fought back - which is what we pirates do best, pity some one cannot make a few of these H & S officers walk the plank the traditional way, bound to a 12 lb. cannon ball! remember no get together on Saturday as we will be out but looking forward to seeing you all on the 29th.


Anonymous said...

You keep going on about OH&S. How would you feel, if your family member was killed at work. Move on and give it a break....

PattayaStan said...

Dear Anonymous, yes I keep going on about some of the mentally challenged people that work in H&S, the clue is in the opening line of our blog, "things that we find interesting, amusing or just plain weird" well I guess you have never heard of Colonel Blimp, David Low first caricatured him in the Evening Standard, his pronouncements were often confused and childlike, although Low described him as "a symbol of stupidity", he added that "stupid people are quite nice", it is these people that make the stupid look clever that we feature on our blog, not the civil servants that we employ to look after our well being, like H&S banning football from school playgrounds, playing conkers at school, the latest walking the plank, if you look back in all of the featured follies there has never to the best of my knowledge been a life threatening one, oh how would I feel if a family member was killed? the same as you, instruct an army of lawyers, (naturally in a series of binding no win - no pay contracts) to sue everybody they could, well here is the sad bit, I will not be moving on, every time I see a article about a fool in office that we find funny it will be on the blog, as this seems to upset you so much perhaps you should move on and find another blog to read?, but thanks for taking the time to read ours, best regards, Stan and Diana.

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