Monday, 16 November 2009

As I Have Not Been Blogging Of Late, Or Reading UK Newspapers As The Computer Was Not Working,

I have missed the fact that Britain is having a number of huge storms, about 60 homes had been damaged in Benfleet, Essex, over an area of about half a square mile, in West Sussex, fire crews were called to two lightning strikes, and motorists had to be rescued from cars in Dorset after getting caught in flash floods, however Stephen Davenport, of MeteoGroup UK, said: 'This is the strongest storm we have had this year, but it is just an autumnal storm, and not untypical for this time of year' well at least that will stop the tree huggers from saying it was us doing it,
but when I saw this I had to laugh! flooding at it's best, no, wait for it, it was a setup, good picture though.


Anonymous said...

I know you enjoy your DVD's, Stan & Diana, but if you ever go to the cinema, the movie "2012" is well worth seeing.

Basically, the plot is that in 2009the sun emits a massive solar flare, which causes the Earth's core temperature to increase rapidly. This results in millions dying in apocalyptic earthquakes & tsunami the world over.

It is a blockbuster movie, and thoroughly engrossing with great special effects. I recommend it highly.

It is currently in Thai cinemas, and well worth the 120 baht admission money.

PattayaStan said...

Dear Anonymous, I have seen a review of 2012 and had planned to see it at some stage, also there is a new version of Sherlock Holmes that has recently been released that we want to watch, the reason we watch so many DVD's is quite frankly the quality of the cable TV that we have is so poor, the number of times two thirds of the way through watching a movie the message "please insert next disc" appears then nothing happens for ages, it makes for a miserable view, also the way the sound on one of the film channels changes every 10 – 15 seconds or so it is either to quite or then way to loud, for us the answer sometimes like yesterday we have a DVD playing in the background rather than have the TV show on, but thanks for the tip about 2012, best regards, Stan and Diana.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Thai cable TV can be a bit 'ropey' at times, to say the least!