Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Most Beautiful River In The World?

some would say, for me it is certainly the most colourful, it is the Caño Cristales, the colors shown in these pictures are absolutely real and there aren't any photographic tricks at all, Caño Cristales is in the northern part of Colombia, in "Sierra de la Macarena" national park, the web site says, 'During the rainy season the mosses are too deep for all the colors to bloom and during the dry too shallow, there is a window between the dry and rainy seasons where the water level is just right and the mosses display their rainbow of colors' for what it's worth I would suggest it has very little to do with the depth of water, more likely nutrients are washed down steam, then as the river water clears sunlight can penetrate deeper, as the flow slows down it allows an algae bloom, similar to many seen in rivers and seas around the world, but what wonderful colours in what would be a normal jungle river.

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