Monday, 2 November 2009

The Day Just Sort Of Slipped Away,

I do not know where the time went, we settled down in the morning after breakfast to watch another episode of Our Century, it was '28 - '39 entitled the Great Illusion, indeed it was, in those years so much seemed to be happening especially in the aviation field, great viewing, then Mick called to remind us that we had arranged to meet opposite the 99 baht all you can eat restaurant in the road that runs from Second Road to Soi Bukoaw, when we arrived Mick and Mass, Jay and Precil along with a friend of theirs Peter from Cambodia were already there, this is a view of the restaurant from the bar opposite, it is part of a new hotel, now here is the bad bit, I do not know the name of the Soi, but if you are on Second Road turn right before you come Soi that has the turning with the metal plates in the road, the one you want has Cafe Kronborg in it, of course if you get peckish in the bar there are plenty of mobile restaurants to choose from!
the view towards Soi Bukoaw, Cafe Kronborg on the left,
and the view towards Second Road,
Peter, Precil and Diana,
Mass, Mick and Jay,
and all of us,
a view of the bar, as it was Sunday we opted for the roast Sunday lunch, there is one condition for the 99 baht all you can eat, you have to buy 1 drink, beer 65 baht, for me red wine 75 baht, no problems there, but I was still a little sceptical about what and how much food there would be at 99 baht I though small portions, well I was well and truly wrong, the plate was full of food, beef, pork and chicken, peas, carrots, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and a bread roll,
I only just finished my plate and I was full, but if you wanted more there was a form with boxes on it, just tick what you wanted, i.e. chicken, beef, Yorkshire pudding, you get the idea, and in moments another plate with what ever you ordered would appear, the service was so fast I could not belive it! for 99 baht if you find a better deal than this tell me about it!
just as we were leaving the restaurant I spotted this Yamaha outside, a R6 according to the logo, for more info go here, or for the technical specs here, it certainly looked the business! then home feet up and watch Public Enemies, a sort of documentary about the life and ultimate death of John Dillinger, well,,,,,, it was fast in places, but in truth it seemed to take forever to watch it, normally when I watch a movie time just flies past, but not so with this one, it seemed to take forever, oh well and then off to bed.

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