Friday, 22 October 2010

The Man Who Was The King Of England,

and gave it up for love,
I am sure we all know the story of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor, King Edward VIII was the eldest child of Britain's King George V and Queen Mary, in 1930, while he was still Prince of Wales, Edward met an American woman named Wallis Warfield Simpson, her first marriage had ended in divorce, and when she met the prince she was married to her second husband, Ernest Simpson, the prince, who was single and had a reputation as a playboy, fell deeply in love with Mrs. Simpson, the rest as they say is history, the envelope above I just purchased, I saw it on E-Bay whilst looking for some stamps, if you look closely it is date marked June 3, 1937, yes it is a first day cover of the day they got married,
I would have like to buy a piece of jewelry for Diana in the upcoming sale of Wallis Simpson's jewels, but they will be just a bit out of my price range! so this FDC will have to do, great hobby collecting stamps it teaches you so much with out you realising it!

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