Tuesday, 24 December 2013

I Was Up Early And Out And About,

well before 07.00 anyway,

 I wanted to beat the crowd to the Continental bakery and buy some bread before they sold out, arriving home I could still make out the moon in the morning sky, looking at the tables it is now 397,784 kilometres away from us, but as I type this it is moving towards us at a speed of 1 kilometre every 23 seconds,

 out again when the Kodak shop opened as we had some pictures to pick up,

 next stop opposite the Beer Garden, the bank, well it is Christmas!

 we then drove along a deserted Walking Street,

 well there were one or two pedestrians and a mobile shop or two,

 we stopped and took a picture of what must be one of the most photographed cars in Pattaya,

 it is on the wall of a bar or club in the street,

 posters advertising Christmas parties abound,

 as we made our way along the street more people were walking by,

 past the Lobster Pot where we normally eat if we are in town in the evenings,

 past Soi Diamond,

 I would have thought that as the high season is here all of the building work would have been finished, but it appears not,

 still plenty of motorbikes for hire, but make sure they have insurance if you hire one,

 also look at the parking sign behind the bikes, depending if the date is an odd or even number, it will dictate what side of the road to park on, disobey at your peril!,

 now this is important,

 deliveries of beer!

 by now many of the shops were open,

 those that were not had entrepreneurs taking the space outside the closed shops for their own stalls,

 a new hat anyone?

 or dress, maybe a new suit too,

 a shop we had not seen before, the Banana Split,

 plus a new multi cinema now in the street,

 and of course a fruit stall or two,

 we were now nearly at the end of the street,

 making our way under the Bali Hai Walking Street sign,

 at this end of the street there were a few more tourists,

 building work was continuing,

 on the centre of the traffic island behind the pier,

 and condos over looking the new harbour,

 plus a few on the other side of the car park,

 we made our way past the fresh seafood sellers,

 towards the boat park and the Pattaya City sign,

 and past the site for the Christmas and New Year parties,

 I should say that this piece of the road is a bit narrow if you are in a car or truck,

 but presents no problem on a bike, as drove past the first of the lighting crews were putting some of the wiring for the party in place,

 in the distance one of the reasons a bike is preferable here,

 the tractors that tow the boats are always using this road,

 we made our way past the boats parked up,

 the dolphin lights looking nice in the sun,

 a clear road now with plenty of room for cars and tractors,

 the new jetty, still not quite finished,

 as there are no boats yet moored in it,

 we spotted this boat in the distance, 

 why have two engines when you can squeeze in a third?

 we had not yet eaten,

 so we were making our way towards the lighthouse, but looking back,

 the dolphins were following our progress,

 nearly there,

 the lighthouse on the bend in the road,

 just past it the restaurant,

 I am not sure what it is called but it is easy to find with it's own car park to the side of it,

 we were in for a bit of a surprise,

 there was hardly any wind in town, but here the waves were crashing in,

 it was quiet chilly with the wind gusted in,

the crossing across to the coral island was a bit bouncy too, I zoomed into this ferry on the horizon,

if you look carefully,

 on the lens zoomed at it's maximum nearly everyone has a life jacket on, it must have been rough!

 but for us it was nice sitting by the sea,

 our lunch arrived, we started with tom yam goong, spicy prawn soup,

 followed by chicken fried rice,

 and deep fried shrimps,

 all of which we both agreed,

 were delicious,

 the restaurant looking from the car park,

in the afternoon as he was in town Mr. Tony called in for a chat, after saying our goodbyes and our evening meal I surprised Diana with a black cherry cheese cake I had bought for here in the Continental bakery, I had  managed  to sneak it into the fridge with out her seeing it,

next feet up for some of our favourite detectives, New Tricks series 10, after a couple of those and a couple from Cheers we were then off to bed.

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