Thursday, 19 December 2013

They Say You Are Never To Old To Learn A New Skill,

92-year-old grandmother in Japan,

 proved this when aged 60 she decided to learn the art of making embroidered balls called 'temari', her granddaughter has put many of her grandmothers deigns on her Flicker page

it is a thousand year old craft from Japan, Temari, meaning 'hand ball' in Japanese, are embroidered toy balls fashioned from the silk scraps of old kimonos, this traditional folk art originated in China and made its way to Japan some time in the 7th century, the stitching, which was originally for function alone, became increasingly intricate until temari transcended the role of plaything and developed into a veritable art form, Japanese aristocratic women even participated in temari embroidering competitions,

in Japan, the temari were highly regarded gifts given to children by their parents on New Year's Day, these treasured toys were symbolic of a wish for the recipient to have good fortune and a happy life, as well as promising heartfelt friendship and loyalty, sometimes the maker would cocoon a noisemaker such as a bell or few grains of rice for added fun, while more traditionally a secret wish of goodwill hand-written on a small piece of paper would be folded into the center, but what a skill or talent this lady has, if you fancy a go at making your own temari ball here is a good page to start with, so happy temaring!

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