Sunday, 15 December 2013

On Our Way Home!

up early for breakfast,

 then in to the minibus to take us to the harbour,

 with a puff of smoke from the ships engines,

 and we were on our way,

 a final look at the jetty, 

 Diana ordered a coffee with her Billingham, it appears that our like for Billingham products is shared by others Brad Pitt has one too, strangely enough the bags also have a facebook page whatever that is,

 Koh Chang disappearing in the background,

 so a beer for me,


 the boat preformed a 180 degree turn, as it did when we left the island, I am guessing the propellers have to be in deep water when the boat docks, 

 we past two other ferries tied up, plus a barge loaded with logs tied between them, we were then into the mini bus for the drive back to Pattaya,

 it was evening when we arrived, so a quick trip to the market for some potatoes and chicken, plus a stop at Tesco Lotus for some milk and it was full steam ahead for the Saturday night bar-b-q, out with the fan to help the fire along,

 for some reason this batch of charcoal we had as it burnt made so many sparks,

 table laid, candle lit,

 chicken kebabs prepared,

 the charcoal now glowing nicely,

 and it was time to eat, 'Cheers!',

two kebabs each with onion, a slice of pepper and topped with a piece of pineapple,

 for anyone is interested this is one of the trips we went on, the snorkeling trip,

 the front of the leaflet lists the islands we visited,

and of course Paddy's Palms where we stayed, all in all a fabulous trip, but back to the evening we watched some television then for us we were off to bed.

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