Thursday, 12 December 2013

We Had Another Early Start,

as we had booked a snorkeling trip round the islands by speed boat,
we were picked up from Paddy's Palms and driven to the Kaibae Hut Resort,
which was a 20 minutes drive or so from Paddy's,
 the resort opens out on to the sea and has its own jetty,

 one of the many speed boats that operates from the resort,

 a look across to the other side of the jetty,

 and out to the islands opposite the resort,

 Diana as happy as ever,

 the boat looked brand new, or at the least it had a complete overhaul and paint job,

 we made our way slowly out of the small harbour,

 then full ahead both!

 Diana was really enjoying the ride,

 full concentration from the captain,

 as we overhauled the Thai Fun vessel,

 we soon arrived at the first island,
 we decided to bring some bread with us to feed the fish,
 two loaves in fact,

 it was great fun,
 not only on the surface but after the fish mobbed us we looked underwater to watch them there,

 then we were out ready to make way to our next island,

 as we were leaving another speed boat parked up,
 we soon anchored up to the next island,

 a rope tied to the shore and the other end of the boat tied to a permanent buoy,

 so it was then Diana's turn to feed the fish,

 she was a bit nervous at first,

 but was soon all smiles as the fish mobbed her,
 the bread for this venue finished we were back on-board to dry out,

 then by a strange coincidence the boat we were on a few days previously arrived,

 we pulled away from the island,

 I thought we were going to this beach for lunch,

 but after a short journey we arrived here,
 opposite this island,
 I took this picture as we neared the shore,
 and another of the island opposite,

 almost there,
 then boat tied up and time for a paddle,
 the water here was so clear,

 it was then time for a few pictures of Diana,

 into the distance,

 the beach was just what you would expect a tropical beach to be, white sand, clear water and blue skies,

 it was then time for lunch,

 chicken fried rice and cheese and ham sandwiches, followed by fresh fruit,

 all the time the boat gently rocking in the bay,
 after lunch,

 a few more pictures of Diana,

 and a snooze for me,

 so it was my turn to have my picture taken,
 we arrived at another island where a boat was already anchored,

 this is the island where we made our third swim with the fishes,

 after everyone had a swim we moved on to our next stop,

 we decided not to swim,

 but to feed the fish from the jetty,

 as one slice hits the water,

 the fish close in for the feast,
 it was a feeding frenzy,

 the bread went so quickly even though we had come prepared with 2 loaves,

 fish feeding over I took a few more pictures,
 this boat looked a little unusual,

 looking at the skull and crossbones I wonder if it is called The Jolly Rodger?

 we made our way to the end of the jetty on to the island and spotted this white cat with blue eyes which I thought was a bit unusual,

 I then took these two pictures, but again I still do not know which one I prefer, this view in portrait format,
 or in landscape,
 the coral sand was so white, but at the end of the sand I suppose you could say where the land began there was this curious rock formation,

 it had veins of harder rock running through it,

 with the softer rock being worn away by the action of the sea,

 back to the boat,

 when we bumped into this black cat with yellow eyes,

 next another white cat with yellow eyes, this must be cat island!
 the Jolly Rodger got under way,

 as I took a few more pictures of these veined rocks,

 but these more of a sandstone colour than the grey of the previous ones,
 on our way back to Koh Chang,

 we called by to see the monkeys again,

 there was a scramble as fresh fruit was thrown to the monkeys,

 but it looked like everyone found a piece of fruit,

 it appears there are two groups,

 that do not seem to mix,
 but there was plenty of food to go round,
unfortunately this chap seems to have missed his turn,
 saying goodbye to the monkeys we left,

 just as another tour boat was arriving,

 you may of course think it was only us that went for a dip in the sea, but as we docked we watched this,

 a elephant,

 and it's friend taking a dip in the briny,

 so for us we went back to the hotel for a shower and a change of clothes then out for our evening meal,
 we stayed at Paddy's Palms for tonight's meal,

a beef burger for Diana, a steak and Kilkenny pie and mash for myself, a couple of nights caps later and after a full day we were then off to bed.

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